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Stöber Antriebstechnik and ATB Automation

Stöber Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co KG established in 1934 and with headquarters in Pforzheim. Recent decades Stober specializes in the development and manufacture of precision gears, servo drives and controllers. Stober is an important partner and supplier of ATB Automation since 1954. ATB Automation is a certified TOP dealer and responsible for the customers in the Benelux.

Stöber Antriebstechnik of today

Stöber Antriebstechnik is a family business founded in 1934. From te beginning large and familiar with manually adjustable speed drives and grown to a specialist in the field of high-precision and dynamic servo systems.
At the moment, the strategic direction is determined by the third generation Andreas Thiel (left) and Patrick Stöber (right). Since 2023, they have handed over day-to-day management to Managing Director Rainer Wegener (middle), who has been with Stöber Antriebstechnik since 2001.

  • Number of employees:> 1000
  • Turnover:> € 160 million
  • Production Area: 40,000 m²
Stober variable speed drive
Stober motion control en servo

High performance servo drives

  • broad and best series servo gearboxes
  • compact and dynamic servo motors
  • most compact servo gears by direct mounting system
  • high performance controllers and servo controllers with motion
  • niche products for specific industries

Stober Worldwide

The Stober systems and components are used worldwide.

In these countries Stober established with a service and sales office:
- Germany - United Kingdom - France - Italy - Austria - Switzerland - Turkey
- United States
- China - Taiwan - Japan

Additionally Stober is represented in many industrial countries by dealerships with sales and service facilities such as ATB Automation in the Benelux.

Manufacturing and assembly facilities are available in:
- Germany (Pforzheim)
- United States (Maysville - KY)

Productie tandwielen Stober

Production with highest precision

Quality from home" is the motto of Stöber.

The park machines includes renowned brands such as Gleason, Gildemeister, Reishauer and Studer.

The housings of the gearboxes are machined from a single piece with a minimum number of fixtures. This results in the most accurate alignment and a maximum torsional stiffness.

All gear teeth such as the right-angle bevel gears, pinions, planet and sun gears, as well as the internal toothing in the housing of the planetary gears, have an helical toothing.

The teeth of precision planetary gearboxes have an extra honing operation. Honing is a chipping precision machining by grinding of the teeth in the axial direction.

This production results in gearboxes suitable for precise and dynamic servo applications:

  • low tooth backlash (< 1 arcmin)
  • high concentricity
  • high torsional stiffness
  • low noise
  • high efficiency and thereby lifetime lubricated

Stober: from precision gear to control system

Actuator Level: Base is the wide range of precision gearboxes with servo motors and / or racks. For each application a constructive good solution.

Device Level: Stober controllers with positioning functionality equipped with EtherCAT or Profinet.

Control Level: Stober control system with control based motion control via EtherCAT.

At each level the components can be combined with another brand of servo motors, drives or operating system.

Stober motion control piramide
Stober servo gears

Best series servo gear units

  • Best specifications with many benefits through the bevel gear and production.
  • Widest range of gearboxes: from planetary, perpendicular to the very economical coaxial gearboxes.
  • The many constructive possibilities.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Optional with brake (ServoStop)

Easy mounting servomotors

  • All Stober gearboxes are fitted with an adapter and backlash-free clamp coupling for mounting many brands servomotors.
  • The mounting adapter has a fit. This allows the actuator can also be mounted horizontally; very practical for the replacement of the servomotor in the field.
  • The clamping coupling has a spread pin making it very easy to clamp with one bolt or spreading during disassembly.

Planetary gearboxes

  • Wide range of a cost-effective up to a high-precision gears with a backlash of less than 1 arc minute.
  • Versions with output shaft or flange block shaft.
  • Angled versions with helical bevel gears.

Bevel gearboxes
In addition to planetary gears with angular stages there are precise angle helical bevelgearboxes and helical worm gearboxes available. These gears gives an engineer many cost-effective solutions with the design and construction.

  • Solid shaft with keyway.
  • Double output solid shaft with keyway.
  • Hollow shaft with keyway and lubricate groove for easy disassembly, with optional cover.
  • Hollow shaft with backlash-free shrink disk, optional with cover.

Compact and dynamic servo motors

Synchronous servomotors with permanent magnets. Optimal design, like the stator with orthocyclic coil.

  • Compact / short in length - high power density
  • Low inertia - high dynamics
  • low cogging
  • High efficiency (> IE4)

Available with single or multi-turn EnDat 2.2 or Hyperface encoders with electronic nameplate for the Stober inverters.

With optional encoders, adjustment and connectors for third-party drives, among others, Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, SEW, B & R and Beckhoff.

Stober EZ servo motors

Lean motors: the alternative between three-phase motors and servomotors

Is an asynchronous motor too big and not efficient enough for you? Or are you looking for an inexpensive and rugged alternative to the synchronous servo motor? Based on the "bridge the gap" principle, STOBER has brought a new motor class to market.

The consistently encoderless Lean motors are strong and rugged like asynchronous drives and precise and compact like synchronous servo motors. For example, the motors can be used for automation tasks in harsh production environments.

Stober Leanmotor overzicht
Stober servomotorreductoren

Most compact geared servo motors on the market

The Stober geared servo motors are built from the broad range of planetary gear and helical-bevel gear units combined with the compact servo motors.
The servo motor is assembled directly without adapter and coupling.

This construction without adapter and coupling has many advantages:

  • Compact
  • Low weight
  • Dynamic by lower inertia
  • high rigidity
  • Less friction by expiry of additional bearing and seal
  • lower cost

Stand alone and multi axis servo drive controllers

The Stober servo drives from the 6th generation with a servo cycle time of 62.5 ns and 25-bit encoder resolution are ideal for highly dynamic and accurate applications.

Control by  the CiA402 (Can in Automation) protocol:

  • Drive Based: EtherCAT or Profinet with a PLC
  • Control Based: EtherCAT with one Motion Controller (eg CoDeSys, TwinCAT)

In addition, the SD6 drive controller is also suitable for positioning control with a Stober protocol via EtherCAT, Profinet or analog / digital inputs and outputs.

Stober SD6 en SI6 servo drives
Stober servo toepassingen

Focus Markets of Stober Antriebstechnik

Because of the precise and dynamic servo systems Stober is a major global supplier for specific markets, such as:

  • tooling machines
  • robots, handling systems
  • packaging machines
  • printing machines

Especially for these focus markets some specific products are developped.

Rack and pinion drives for robots, handling and tooling machines

  • Servo gearboxes equiped with directly mounted pinions in combination with racks.
  • Optional with mounting adapters and lubrication systems.

Accurate basic versions:

  • Helical bevel gearboxes and planetary gearboxes with output shaft with a assembled pinion with module 2, 3 or 4.
  • Suitable for robots and handling systems
  • Combined with precise planetary gearboxes for machines such as plasma cutting machines.

High performance servo gear unit with support bearing:

  • Planetary gears with flange shaft and pinion with module 2 - 10
  • Additional support bearing in one design and one housing so that large forces are absorbed and many other advantages arise.
  • Designed for high-precision machine tools.
stober rack and pinion
Stöber en ATB Automation hecht team

Stober and ATB Automation: a strong and dynamic team

The ATB Automation team has a strong bond and short lines with specialists from Stöber Antriebstechnik.
With the proper training and many years of experience ATB Automation is the right partner for engineers and machine builders in the Benelux:

  • Knowledge of servo drive technology for the selection of the motorgears drives.
  • Knowledge of mechanics for the selection of the appropriate gear unit.
  • Knowledge and support of the controls: telephone, remote TeamViewer or on location.
  • Programming and commissioning of control systems and controllers.
  • Training for the inverters and controllers.
  • Complete projects: ATB Automation takes care of everything.
  • Joint factory visits Stober Antriebstechnikk in Pforzheim, Germany.


Servo drives and inverters

Synchronous servo motors

Servo geared motors

Lean motor

Compact motors with high efficiency (IE5). The solution between asynchronous motors and synchronous servomotors. It is possible to position without an encoder.

Lean motorgears

Compact motorgears with high efficiency (IE5). The solution between asynchronous motors and synchronous servomotors. It is possible to position without an encoder.

Servo gears

Racks and pinion drives

Safety technology




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