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From challenge to opportunity with Stöber safety technology

Date: 1 May 2024

Peter-Stober meeting

A safe machine with minimal downtime, without compromises on performance because safety techniques throw a spanner in the works. “That sounds attractive, but will it certainly cost me a lot of time and money? Let alone the amount of testing and programming work I have to do during the design process?” All unnecessary worries, thanks to Stöber safety technology. I'll explain why.

In this blog I will tell you:

  • About the most advanced solution to take machine designs to the next level, without compromising safety;
  • How integrating safety technology into servo controllers saves you time and money in the design process;
  • Why Stöber safety technology ensures less unnecessary downtime and a faster start-up of your machine

Safety technology: a challenge?

Although I like to think in terms of challenges, some engineers see safety technology as something that can potentially cause problems.
Admittedly, I can imagine that this is not the most favorite part of the design process for some machine builders. They prefer to develop the functionalities of the machine.

But where safety technology is seen as a separate topic, this has a direct influence on the functionality of the machine. Because when safety comes into action, it overrules all actions of the machine and comes to a standstill.

In other words: one (safety) absolutely affects the other (functionality).

The video below explains this principle in 2 minutes:


The solution: integrated safety technology in Stöber servo systems

Allright. So stop = stop, but immediately switching off the power is not always desirable. And if it does happen, it takes a lot of time to put the machine back into service.

But what if I told you that we don't just have to think from a standstill, but that there are many more safety options?

Get to know the SE6 safety module for the SD6 servo drive from Stöber:

  • Easily add many safety functions such as Safely-limited speed (SLS) and Safe speed range (SSR) according to DIN 61800-5-2;
  • No special motors, encoders or cables required;
  • With the highest safety standards (category 4) according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1

The best way to explain what this looks like in practice is through an application at a customer.

Example operation in CNC bending machines

One of our renowned customers is a manufacturer of high-quality CNC bending machines. These machines are used for bending pipes for furniture and automotive applications, among other things.

The SE6 safety module is used in their bending machines for the safety monitoring of movements around the machine.

The machine is equipped with sensors that register when a person is too close to the machine. This slows down the application by means of the safety function Safe Limited Speed (SLS) The safety module SE6 carries out a check and provides immediate feedback: is the person in question within a critical distance of the machine? Or is the machine not fast enough at a safe speed? Then the Safe Stop safety function (SS1 or SS2) becomes active and the machine will stop within the guaranteed response time of <10 ms. to a controlled standstill.

After this controlled stop, the machine can be restarted quickly without valuable time being lost testing and resetting the machine.

This example makes it clear: with this solution you have total control over all safety functions and you will not suffer from unnecessary downtime.


Fewer components = lower costs


This brings me to another aspect of cost efficiency: by using the Stöber SE6, no additional components are required, such as additional encoders or special motors. If this is the case, in addition to the purchase costs, you will also incur costs for the strictly specified installation of these additional components.

In the event of a machine malfunction, a specialized technician must visit to test the components and replace them if necessary. When you are charged every hour, the costs can increase significantly. What a waste!

"Ultimately, it is about creating an environment in which people and machines can work together safely."

Easy programming: drag & drop


Total control over the safety functions, what does that actually look like? All functions are defined in the PASmotion software from Pilz, which is integrated into DriveControl Suite setup software from Stöber

A matter of drag & drop, without complex programming actions. All settings are secure and stored in the software and can be consulted or adjusted at any time after entering a PIN code.



By integrating safety technology into your application, we can make machines more reliable, faster and more efficient. Resulting in less downtime. Last but not least: apart from the many (economic) benefits mentioned above, I think it is important to emphasize that it is ultimately about creating an environment in which humans and machines can work together safely.

Because a properly functioning application is important, but personal safety is the most important thing. So: “Designing for humans”.


Questions? Ideas? Or want to know how you can apply this safety technology in your machine? Contact me.


Placed by: Peter Hamersma

Peter Hamersma

+31 297 38 05 63

Peter Hamersma has been working at ATB Automation since 2001, starting as a software engineer. Peter is responsible for supervising the motion control projects of ATB Automation and, as a specialist in servo drives and motion controllers, he is also responsible for system integration. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of servo systems and the motion controllers of Trio Motion Technology, Peter is one of the most experienced specialists in the Benelux.


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