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Sustainability – Even I am convinced!

Date: 15 May 2024

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The environment is not a new theme in our society. It has been on the agenda for a long time and the necessary efforts are being made to improve it. Like many people, I sometimes have doubts about this subject, but one thing is clear: there is no escaping it. The environment and the addition of sustainability are of great importance to society. And we are going to take steps with this at ATB.

I understand that the title of this blog seems a bit provocative. But people who know me well may be surprised that I embrace this theme. Well, embracing may sound very hardcore, but it is about recognizing its importance and doing what is necessary to contribute to the future.

Privately, we have been benefiting from various subsidies for years, which contribute to the future environment. This includes solar panels and, for example, insulating solutions for the home to use less energy, as well as the benefit we could enjoy on the addition of our company cars.


Personal trigger

In all honesty, my motivation was mainly the payback period of the investments. But once you have used all the facilities, you start thinking about how you can burden the environment even less. My personal trigger was the Netflix documentary “Breaking Bounderies: The Science Of Our Planet”.

Within 1 hour and 14 minutes your courage sinks, you immediately realize that something needs to be done and the statement “improve the world, start with yourself” is the easiest start.

At ATB Automation we were certified according to ISO14001 (environmental management) last year. Our business premises are gas-free, equipped with 284 solar panels, 100% LED lighting and all equipment has the lowest possible energy class. In addition, the last diesel company cars have also disappeared. To be honest... my car was the last, but it has now become a sport to maximize the electric range as possible.

Indutrade AB and sustainability initiative Global Compact

The (European) government is also increasingly forcing the business community to put sustainability on the strategic agenda. As part of the listed Indutrade AB, we as a company also commit ourselves to the sustainability objectives set by our Swedish parent company.

Basically, it concerns a systematic sustainability policy that is integrated into the business strategy and which positively influences value creation in the long term. Here too, it was difficult to find the right path in the beginning, but more and more tools have emerged to make the right decision and continuously improve with regard to sustainability.

Indutrade AB has signed the UN Global Compact (UNGC) sustainability initiative. We use this as a framework for our sustainability policy. We hereby commit to working with the ten principles of the Global Compact for Sustainable Development in the four areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. The entire reporting is done via Worldfavor, a platform for collecting sustainability data.

There is now so much data available and the need for change can be scientifically substantiated.

" 1 thing is certain: sustainable changes only really happen when we work together with our partners and customers."

Sustainability on our website

To emphasize it more to the outside world, the theme of sustainability has been added to our website. No, not vague promises, but concrete objectives that are transparent to everyone who works with us. On these pages we provide insight into our goals and the progress we are making, within 3 focus areas:

  • Environment;
  • People;
  • Products & customers.

Check it out for yourself on our sustainability page. Our goals and results are continuously evaluated and updated here.

Make goals measurable

As mentioned earlier in this blog, all our sustainability data is reported in Worldfavor. Part of this is carbon accounting, a method to register the amount of emissions. ATB involves, among other things:

  • All CO2 emissions from incoming freight transports;
  • All CO2 emissions from outgoing freight transport;
  • All own energy consumption and environmental taxes.

And we are also so realistic that all values may not be 100% pure, but we report as accurately as possible and continuously improve this process.

Ultimately, all our products must have a label with the sustainability contribution. How nice would it be if this was not necessary, because we no longer burden the environment?


In short: there is still a lot of work to be done, but there is no way back. With this step we want to provide insight and clarity into our sustainability plans. Please read our plans, I'm curious what you think. And if you have any questions, please contact us. Because one thing is certain: sustainable changes only really happen when we work together with our partners and customers.



Placed by: Olaf van de Ven

Olaf van de Ven

+31 297 38 05 52

Olaf van de Ven has been managing director at ATB Automation since January 2012. Olaf started his career at ATB in 1996 as sales engineer and eventually became a Power Transmission Manager for sales activities of mechanical drives of Torriani, Rosta, Tandler, ADE and NEFF


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