Compact linear roller screw servoactuators with the highest forces and highest lifetime.

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Exlar and ATB Automation

Exlar headquartered in Chanhassen (MN, USA) was founded in 1986. Exlar is the inventor of the inverted roller screw integrated servo motors. Has grown into a worldwide leading manufacturer of servoactuators. Since 2002 Exlar is an important partner and supplier of ATB Automation. ATB Automation is responsible for customers in the Benelux and has become one of the strongest distributors and specialists in Europe.

Exlar today

Exlar was founded in 1986 and since 2012 part of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. Famous because of the inverted roller crew actuator.

  • Located in Chanhassen, close to Minneapolis (MN). 
  • European repair facility near Frankfurt (Ger) 
  • Sales:> US $ 60 million 
  • Vision: "first choice actuators for critical applications"

All the actuators are equipped with a roller crew:

  1. servoactuators with feedback for any brand servo controller 
  2. servoactuators with integrated servo controller 
  3. mechanical actuators for construction of any type of servo or stepper motor
Rollerscrews de kracht van Exlar

Roller screw: the power of Exlar

A roller crew is a mechanism for transfering rotary torque into linear force and motion. Several roller screws with helical thread are assembled as a planetary system around the linear moved shaft.

Compared to other transmissions, a roller crew is very powerfull with a high lifetime. This makes roller screw actuator the ideal choice for demanding applications with continuous operation.

The inverted roller crew is the basis for a compact actuator. As a result, the transmission is integrated in the rotor of the servo motor.

Roller screws: service life 15 times greater than ball screws

Due to design factors, the number of contact points in a ball screw is limited by the ball size. Exlar's planetary roller screw designs provide many more contact points than possible on comparable sized ball screws. Since the number of contact points is greater, roller screws have greater load carrying capacities, plus improved stiffness. Plus an Exlar roller screw actuator takes you much less space to meet the designer's specified load rating.

As you would expect, with their higher load capacities, roller screws deliver major andvantage in working life. The load capacity factor of a roller screw is 2 to 3 times higher than ball screws leading into an expected service life until 15 times greater.

Inverted roller crew compacte Exlar actuator

Compact servo actuator with inverted roller screw

The GS-actuators consist of a brushless AC servo motors with feedback, equipped with an inverted roller screw in the rotor so that the linear transmission is integrated into the servo motor.

  • Patented construction: inverted roller crew in the rotor of the servo motor
  • Very compact: no engine in parallel or in-line mounted
  • One package: no mounting of coupling and servomotor

Exlar... Plug 'n play with many servo drives

The GTX actuators are equiped with many types of feedback like absolute encoders and resolvers. They are ready for many types of servo drives.

  • Encoder factory settings according to supplier specification. 
  • Connectors according to supplier specification, making the cables from the controller supplier can be used.

ATB Automation supplies complete solutions with the Stöber servo controllers.

Exlar servoactuator voor elk type servoregelaar


Mechanical roller screw actuators


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