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Highest durability with Exlar high-capacity rollerscrew actuators

Date: 9 May 2018

New: High Capacity Rollerscrews (FTX) and special edition for compressive applications (FTP)

The FTX-series is equipped with a high-capacity rollerscrew which makes the actuator suitable for heavy duty applications and high operating hours. The high dynamic bearing number of the nut results in a high durability. This makes it ideal as a environmental friendly alternative for hydraulic actuators. Exlar has launched the FTX-series as the newest generation and replacement for the FT-series.

Features FTX-series

  • 4 building sizes
  • Maximum force 178 kN
  • Stroke length 150 - 900 mm
  • Maximum speed 1500 mm/s
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Greased (grease nipple standard present)
  • Modular mounting system
  • Optional with terminal switches

Modular assembly of a servomotor or planetary case

By means of standard adapters for a lot of servomotors and planetary cases the drive is very easy to mount.  

The next mounting possibilities are available:

  • in a line with a connector
  • parallel mounting by a gear belt with reduction 1:1 or 2:1 provided with tensioning roller.

Modular and flexible ways for assembly in the machine

The axis of the actuator is available with a male or female
screw stud.

The aluminium housing has a slot. The optional mounting system can be assembled very easily in this housing.

  • front flange
  • fork on the backside (rear clevis)
  • eye on the backside (rear eye)
  • torque braces on the side (trunion)

Home and terminal switches

Optional terminal switches are provided. There is a magnet mounted in the nut. In the aluminium profile of the housing the switches can be mounted in any desired position.  

FTP-series: special actuator for compressive applications till 35 ton

Besides the FTX-series Exlar also developped the FTP-series. Due to the special arrangement of the bearing en the robust round front flange the actuator can deliver a compressive force of 355 kN. Ideal for applications like compressive molds and metal modification machines. For the retractable pulling motion 130 kN can be supplied. Duet o the high capacity rollerscrew the actuator can deliver at least 5 million strokes.


More information:

Downloads of the FTX and FTP actuator can be find on the productpages:

Take a look at or please contact:

Martin van der Steenhoven
+31 (297) 380 50 54 

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