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Wanshsin and ATB Automation

Wanshsin Seikou, headquartered in Changsha, China, was founded in 2009. Wanshsin has grown into a strong manufacturer of planetary gearboxes with more than 500 employees. Exports are growing globally. Wanshsin is since 2017 a partner and supplier of ATB Automation. ATB Automation is the exclusive dealer and responsible for the customers in the Benelux.

Wanshsin of today

Wanshsin Seikou with headquarter in Changsha City (Hunan) is a large group integrating R&D, production and sales of high precision reducers. There are two fully owned subsidiaries, located in Guangdong and Shangdong. The company was established in Taiwan in 1990s and moved in 2009 to China to meet the rapid growth. Since 2014 Wanshsin Seikou is located in Changsha City and constructed a high-standard modern industrial park. It covers an area of 200.000 square meters.

  • > 1200 employees
  • Sales: > USD 200.000.000
Wanshsin factory Changhsa
Wanshsin Factory 1

Production and quality, made in-house

China and quality? Wanshsin in Changsha shows quality. A walk around the factory is convincing.

Most parts are produced in-house, assembled and tested.

The production halls are clean, effective and very well organized.

The gears, housings and adapter plates are produced in-house.

All gearboxes are tested before delivery.

As a result, quality and cost is in their own hands, and also guaranteed.

Technology with German background

Wanshsin Seikou integrates advanced technologies from Germany in combination with Eastern characteristics such as feeling and simplicity.

The company has strategic partnerships with a number of German research laboratories to develop and optimize new products.

In combination with the high-quality production machines from Germany and Japan, they are able to produce high-quality spurred and helical gears and housings.

This makes it possible to produce planetary gearboxes with a backlash of 3 arc minutes.

Because the housing of the gearboxes are produced out of one piece, the stiffness of the gearbox is very high.

Kwaliteitsproductie bij Wanshsin
Wanshsin planetaire tandwielkasten geleverd door ATB Automation

Wide range of servo gears

The Wanshsin product range now consists of:

  • low cost planetary gearboxes with spur teeth
  • precision planetary gearboxes with helical teeth
  • right-angle planetary gearboxes
  • harmonic gears based on strain-wave principle
  • right-angle bevel gearboxes
  • highly accurate turntables with hollow shaft

Wanshsin in combination with servo and stepper motors

ATB Automation supplies complete solutions in combination with Leadshine servo and stepper motors.

Assembly takes place in the workshop of ATB Automation.

 WVRB planetary gearbox Leadshine ac servo motor
Wanshsin Zhou Qingquan

Wanshsin and ATB Automation: a good match for Europe

For the customers in Europe the Wanshsin servo gear units are an interesting solution.

ATB Automation plays an important role in the distribution and communication with the factory in China.

For the customers, ultimately:

  • High quality
  • Short delivery times
  • Very competitive prices
  • Clear information and communication

If you would like to have more background information on the development of the cooperation between Wanshsin Seikou and ATB Automation: read the blog of Henry le Noble, motion control manager at ATB Automation.

Wide range of servo gearboxes

Servo gears

Harmonic reducers

Indexing tables

Applications with Wanshsin gearboxes


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