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WAT series: right-angle bevel gearboxes with servo flange

Date: 25 September 2023

Wanshsin WAT haakse kegelwielkasten met servoflens ACTUEEL Wanshin WAT-series exploded view

Expansion of the Wanshsin servo gear unit program

Wanshsin has expanded its program of planetary servo gear units with a series of right-angle bevel gearboxes. The WAT series is available as a 1 or 2-stage version. Because the housing is made of aluminum, WAT angle transmissions are light in weight. There are 5 sizes available with nominal torque of 24 to 585 Nm and peak torque of up to 150%.

Precise spiral cone wheels

The 1-stage version is available with a 1: 1 or 1: 2 angle transmission. The backlash of the spiral cone wheels is less than 6 arc minutes.

The 2-stage versions are equiped with a planetary input stage with helical gears. With this a maximum reduction of 20 is available.

The input side is equipped with an adapter and robust bearing- backlash free coupling for mounting any type of servo motor.


Outgoing shafts with solid or hollow through shaft

The output shafts of the WAT series are available in various versions:

  • D: Double-sided solid shaft
  • L / R: Single-sided solid shaft, left or right
  • H: Hollow through shaft with keyway
  • C: Hollow through shaft with shrink disk

Input shaft

In addition to the version with servo flange and play-free coupling, the input side of the single-stage WAT series is also available as a bearing shaft version. This can be used as a drive shaft, for example driven with a toothed belt, or handwheel
In addition, a version with 4 axes is available.


More information:

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