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Wanshsin WSHG-I/II
Harmonic Strain Wave reducer

  • Harmonic gear - Wanshsin SHG-I/II
  • Nominal torque up to 160 Nm
  • 50:1 - 120:1 / 15-20 arcsec
Harmonic Drive
Exploded view Strain wave reducer

The gears with output bearing of the WSHG series are ideal for highly dynamic applications, such as in robot axes. This is supported by: enormous torque density, high-tilt output bearing, lifelong precision and zero backlash.

The WSHG series is a compact gear unit based on the Harmonic strain wave principle. Generally, the circular spline end is fixed and the flex spline is the output rotating side.


The input motor shaft is directly connected to the harmonic gear unit by means of a hollow shaft with keyway.


The input motor shaft is connected to the hollow shaft of the harmonic gear unit by means of a coupling.

The WSHG gear unit has the same dimensions and specifications as the Harmonic Drive SHG series.

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