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Accurate servo driven indexing table

Date: 19 September 2018

Wanshsin indexing table WT Wanshsin indexing table WT2 WT onderdelen

Compact, simple and flexible to implement

The WT indexing table is suitable for rotating positioning applications for vertical loads up to 80 kg and mass inertias up to 0.08 kgm2.

Typical applications are accurate assembly applications and flexible production automation within all kinds of markets. The advantage is that the system is easy to assemble and implement.

The heart of the indexing table is a through hole (up to ∅ 70 mm). The rotating platform is made of stainless steel and suitable for speeds up to 200 rpm.

The WT series is available in 4 sizes:

  • WT60 with reduction 5: 1
    with a 50 / 100W servomotor
    suitable for a load of 10 kg 
  • WT100 with reduction 10: 1
    with a 50 / 100W servomotor
    suitable for a load up to 20 kg
  • WT130 with reduction 10: 1
    with a 200 / 400W servomotor
    suitable for a load up to 40 kg
  • WT200 with reduction 10: 1
    with a 750W servomotor
    suitable for a load up to 80 kg

ATB Automation also supplies the WT series with an Estun servo motor from the EMJ series or with a Stöber servo motor from the EZ series.
Adapters and couplings for other types of servomotors are available on request.

High accuracy

The rigid construction of the indexing table ensures high accuracy:

absolute accuracy: <3 arcmin

repetition accuracy: <15 arcsec

rotating concentricity: <0.015 to <0.02 mm

rotating parallelity: <0.015 to <0.04 mm

very high tilting stiffness (see graph)

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