Reliable and robust lifting systems and high-performance spindle lifting elements

NEFF and ATB Automation

The German NEFF was founded in 1905. NEFF's spindle lifting elements are often used in various industrial applications where precise movement and positioning are required. ATB Automation is the exclusive dealer and responsible for customers in the Benelux.

NEFF today

NEFF produces mechanical spindle drives and has built up a strong reputation. High-quality products, own spindle production, reliability and technical expertise are the main pillars of the company. NEFF has been led by Hartmut Wandel (left in the photo) since 2011.

  • Number of employees: >55
  • Turnover: >€ 13,000,000
  • Production area: 2,700 m² (4,500 m² after completion of the new building)
NEFF lifting systems management
NEFF factory

Spindles from own factory

NEFF's greatest strength is that all spindles are produced in their own factory in Germany. The whole process of rolling, hardening and polishing of the spindles is done by themselves. This ensures consistent quality and reliability of the lifting systems. The combination of high-quality materials and advanced production techniques ensures that the products meet the strict requirements of the industry.

The spindles and lifting systems are used for:

  • Height adjustment in machines
  • Conveyor technology
  • Lifting applications
  • Material handling, moving heavy objects

These spindle lifting elements can be driven by various motors and controls from our delivery program.

Precision, power and stability

NEFF spindle lifting elements are extremely suitable for machine construction where precision positioning and stability are important. Think of machines for:

  • Steel processing
  • Horticulture
  • Food industry
  • Semiconductor industry

Lifting forces of up to 500 kN are possible.

NEFF M-TEG telescopic spindle for AGV vehicle

Telescopic spindles: lift to great heights in the smallest of spaces

Get to know the M-TEG and S-TEG telescopic spindle lifting elements. By combining a maximum of 7 spindle stages, it is possible to reach heights where ordinary lifting elements are normally not sufficient.
Ideal for machines and applications where installation space is limited, but large lift heights are required.

NEFF and ATB Automation: a solid collaboration

The fact that we only deliver the highest quality is due to the intensive cooperation with our suppliers. That is why our team is in close contact with the NEFF specialists. Short lines, regular visits to the factory and following training courses are therefore a regular routine for the ATB Automation team.

ATB Automation sales team NEFF

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