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Fire turbine fire engine with NEFF lifting spindle

extinguishing turbine firetruck with NEFF screw jack 2 extinguishing turbine firetruck with NEFF screw jack3 extinguishing turbine firetruck with NEFF screw jack1

This turbine extinguisher is used on various types of fire engines. This allows intense fires to be extinguished from a great distance with high pressure using water or foam. 

In the retracted position, the turbine is recessed into the roof of the fire engine and is not visible. In the event of a deployment, it is pushed up through the roof.

The extinguishing turbine is lifted using 4 lifting spindles of the MH-R type equipped with a ball screw with barrel nut. The spindle lifting elements are mechanically linked to each other, so that the system can be driven with 1 motor.

There are various options for the rotating movement, including the swivel unit G-CH series.

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