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IAI RCP6 linear actuators: fast, robust with flexible control

Date: 15 November 2016


IAI brings with the new generation RCP6 linear actuators a flexible and robust solution to market with high repeatability for every positioning application within a range of one meter.

6 types RCP6 linear actuators

Each type is equipped with:

  • 24Vdc stepper motor, in-line or parallel mounted
  • Multiturn absolute encoder, homing is not required anymore
  • Ball screw with repeatability of ± 10 μm
  • Robust schielding

RCP6-RRA actuator

Version with rod and integrated ball screw. for high radial loads and moment loads.

  • Load: from 5 to 100 kg
  • Maximal stroke length: 700 mm
  • Maximal speed: 1120 mm/s



RCP6-RA actuator

Version with rod without linear guide. Least expensive model, ideal for replacement of pneumatic actuators.

  • Load: from 6 to 100 kg
  • Maximal stroke length: 300 mm
  • Maximal speed: 860 mm/s



RCP6-WRA serie

Uitvoering met drijfstang met brede behuizing en kogelomloopgeleiding. Hierdoor kunnen zeer hoge krachten en momenten op de drijfstang worden opgevangen

  • Load: from 4 to 100 kg
  • Maximal stroke length: 800 mm
  • Maximal speed: 800 mm/s

IAI RCP6-WRA lineair actuator with wide slider


RCP6-SA actuator

Version with slider and integrated ball screw, for mitigation of moments in all directions. Therefor these actuators are ideal for composing a XY or XYZ system.

  • Load: van 7 tot 80 kg
  • Maximal stroke length: 1100 mm
  • Maximal speed: 1440 mm/s



RCP6-WSA actuator

Version with wide slider and integrated ballscrew for mitigation of high moments. Hence the RCP6-WSA is a perfect actuator as basis for a cartesian system.

  • Load: van 4 tot 100 kg
  • Maximal stroke length: 1100 mm
  • Maximal speed: 840 mm/s

IAI RCP6-WS lineair actuator with wide slider


RCP6-TA table type actuator

The RCP6-TA table type actuator suitable for a steady load movement, especially vertical payloads. The load can ben mounted with the thread holes on the surface of the table and end plate.

  • Load: van 1 tot 30 kg (10 kg verticaal)
  • Maximal stroke length: 390 mm
  • Maximal speed: 1120 mm/s


Controllers for the RCP6 actuators

  • Single axis positioning controller PCON: max 512 positions per axe or pulse train control
    Expandable with bus systems e.g. EtherCAT, ProfiNet
  • Multi-axis positioning controllers MCON: control of 4 axis, max 256 positions per axe
  • Multi-axis free programmable controller MSEL: control of 4 axis

IAI RCP6 controller

Integrated controller: RCP6S series

All types RoboCylinders linear actuators from the RCP6 series can be executed with an integrated controller next to the 24V stepper motor and absolute encoder.

The actuator equipped with:

  • Communication port: connection to pc or touch panel teaching pendant, type TB-02
  • Power supply + serial connection port: connection to gateway, hub or plc
  • LED lighting

IAI RCP6S built-in controller

Fieldbus netwerk with gateway (RCM-P6GW)

By using the gateway unit, a maximum of 16 axes or RCP6S actuators can operate via a field network:

  • RCM-P6GW-EC: EtherCAT
  • RCM-P6GW-PRT: ProfiNet
  • RCM-P6GW-PR: ProfiBus
  • RCM-P6GW-DV: DeviceNet
  • RCM-P6GW-EP: EtherNet I/P
  • RCM-P6GW-CC: cc-Link

To each gateway 4 pieces RCP6S or 4 hubs can be connected direcly. Subsequently 4 stuks RCP6S actuators can be connected on each hub (type RCM-P6HUB).

Direct serial connection to a plc via a connection unit (RCP-P6PLC)

Via the RCP-P6PLC connection module the RCP6S can easily be controlled from a plc via serial communication .

Download the complete RCP6 catalog here


  • Quick response, short lines
  • Renowned manufacturers
  • Profound product knowledge
  • High reliability

We supply slewing ring bearings, oscillating mountings, tensioner devices from stock and we also have spiral bevel gearboxes, servo gears and electromechanical actuators in our delivery program.

In addition we also select and offer the right components and systems for motion control solutions, such as servo gear motors, linear servo actuators and complete XYZ cartesian systems.

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