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Replacing regreasable rod ends with maintenance-free rod ends

Date: 17 September 2021

Bonnekamp SI-PHS SI-PHS

There is a great variety in rod ends and the range is diverse. Rod ends are commonly used in control rods, mechanical transmissions and couplings due to easy mounting and integration.

We regularly receive requests for regreasable rod ends. I consistently ask the customer 'Why do you want to use regreasable rod ends?' In response to my question, I am often told that they are simply looking for an equivalent for the old worn, already mounted rod ends. My colleagues and I always inquire about the application, because the maintenance-free rod ends from Bönnekamp may be a better choice. 

The difference

I would like to explain the difference between regreasable and maintenance-free rod ends. 
Rod ends are commonly used in control rods, mechanical transmissions and couplings due to easy mounting and integration.

The regreasable male PHS rod ends and the female POS series steel-on-copper H62 with grease nipple are equipped with wear-resistant sliding surfaces, but must be greased periodically. These rod ends are regularly found on older machines and in applications where heavier and non-constant loads are involved.

The maintenance-free rod ends in the SI male and SA female series use an infused PTFE (also known as Teflon) material strip in the inside of the head. These rod end bearings are used in applications whereat a long service life is required and should not be lubricated. However, the load and direction in the application must be constant.

After explaining the difference between regreasable and maintenance-free rod ends a customer often consciously chooses the maintenance-free SI or SA series. 

Do you wonder the same or do you want us to think with you? Let me know so we can discuss this.

Placed by: Gerwin Ratz

Gerwin Ratz

+31 297 38 05 50

Gerwin Ratz has been working at ATB Automation as manager mechanics trade since January 2018. This includes Bönnekamp rod ends, clevises and ball joints, Rosta rubber spring elements, Torriani slewing ring bearings and Rotar universal joints.


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