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Oh no, production downtime at the weekend. Now what?!

Date: 8 September 2015

Within 3 hours after reporting the failure the new assembled servo motor was sent to the customer from Stöber in Pforzheim

Recently I was grocery shopping on Saturday morning, when I got a phone call at 9 am by Groener Elektrotechniek. His client Betonson in Kampen produces 24/7 and Stöber servo motors and servo drives in use in several machines. Precisely on Saturday morning an error message appeared on one of the drives, which is coupled to the servo motor. Now what? The brake of a 12 years old servo motor failed, resulting in a production downtime. After the call from his customer, Greener called us, hoping he could reach us. Fortunately, we have 24-hour standby service and Mr. Groener could actually get in contact with us.

Express delivery Germany

In consultation with the customer, we discussed the options. One option was to only replace the brake, but then the encoder would have to be dismantled and a new one should be delivered from Germany. And to replace an absolute encoder, you need sophisticated equipment for the fine-tuning of the encoder. All this would take too much time. The best solution in my opinion would be to deliver a new servo motor as soon as possible from Stober Germany (Pforzheim). On my return home around 9:30 am I logged on immediately - hurrah for telecommuting - and I called the service line from Stober.

Response in no time

The Stober call center noted all the relevant data and within a quarter hour the Stober head of service called me back. Subsequently he immediately made all arrangements necessary with the assembly technicians who had weekend shift at that time. Therefore assembly of the servo motor could already be started at 10 am. Meanwhile, the courier was already organized, so that the serv motor could be delivered to the home of the Betonson technician.

Home delivery

At 10:30 hours I could already contact our customer with great news: "Everything is taken care of!". Moments later, the assembly of the servo motor was ready, so just 3 hours after the notification of the failure the courier drove away from Pforzheim with the newly assembled servo motor. Thanks to the 24-hour availability of Stöber and us, the mechanic of Betonson got the servomotor delivered home around 18:00, ready for installation. Several hours later, the factory was back in full production.

Placed by: Johan Trompert


+31 297 38 05 64

Johan Trompert is service engineer motion control and quality manager. Since 1988 Johan has been responsible for the engineering and construction of control cabinets, service and support to frequency inverters, servo drives and motion controllers at ATB Automation. In addition, he is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the ISO 9001 quality management system.


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