High quality heavy and light slewing ring bearings in single or double-row version

Torriani and ATB Automation

Torriani is founded in 1973 in Soncino, Italy. Torriani is specialized in the production of slewing ring bearings. Since 1986 Torriani has been a partner and supplier of ATB Automation. ATB Automation is responsible for the customers in the Benelux.

Torriani of today

With the initiative of Mr. Gianni Torriani, the company Torriani Gianni was founded in 1973 to maintain the family tradition in the field of mechanics.  At the time, the company focused on the agricultural sector and crane production for construction applications. Success grew in 1990 and the company has taken an international position ever since.

Torriani has 910 different types of bearings with a diameter from 200 mm to 2000 mm. These are ball bearings, cross bearings and two-lane ball bearings. More than 50,000 bearings are produced annually.

Torriani company
Torriani worldwide

Torriani worldwide

Torriani slewing ring bearings are used everywhere worldwide and Torriani is a very renowned brand all over the world. It is therefore important that Torriani slewing ring bearings are readily available worldwide. Slewing ring bearings and slewing units are easily available in Italy as well as on the international market thanks to a network of direct customers and distributors spread all over the world.  

Production and quality

Torriani works in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 rules. This with the aim of continuing to grow and meet the desired quality requirements in the market. Thanks to a certified and operational system Torriani Gianni is able to provide services to competitive producers without defects and with due observance of deadlines.

The range of slewing ring bearings basically consists of:

-          Slewing ring bearings with internal gear

-          Slewing ring bearings with external gear

-          Slewing ring bearings without gear


Torriani slewing ring bearings

Most common materials are C45 and 42CroMo4N.

A Torriani slewing ring bearing can be designed as a ball bearing or cross roller bearing. In addition, they are very strong in producing double row bearings and customer-specific bearings. The pictures above show the different types of bearings. The advantage of a double row slewing ring bearing is that a higher load is possible within the same diameter as a single row bearing.

Besides slewing ring bearings Torriani also supplies worm gear slewing rings.

Benefits of worm gear slewing rings:

-          Shielded in a housing

-          The worm gear slewing ring is self-locking

-          Suitable for direct mounting of a hydraulic motor

-          Fast installation

Torriani worm gear slewing ring




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