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Bunkercrane in oiltanker with slewing ring bearing

Torriani bunker crane with slewing ring bearing 1 Slider bunker crane 2 Slider bunkercrane with Torriani 4 Slider bunkerkraan

With a bunker crane on oil tankers fuel and lubricants are the main products being reloaded on board of other vessels. One or two thick pipes run along the jib of the crane for the transport of the product. To reach the filling neck of the other vessel with the coupling, the bunker crane is mounted on a 360° turnable slewing ring bearing.

Heavy gear slewing ring bearing

Because the jibs of these cranes are relatively long, a high force is necessary to bring the crane into motion, therefore the slewing ring bearing must be equiped with heavy gear.

Benefits of Torriani slewing ring bearings in bunker cranes:

  • 360 degree rotation.
  • Compact solution to absorb tilting moment.
  • Large stock slewing ring bearings immediately available.
  • Quick response, short lines
  • Renowned manufacturers
  • Profound product knowledge
  • High reliability

We supply slewing ring bearings, oscillating mountings, tensioner devices from stock and we also have spiral bevel gearboxes, servo gears and electromechanical actuators in our delivery program.

In addition we also select and offer the right components and systems for motion control solutions, such as servo gear motors, linear servo actuators and complete XYZ cartesian systems.

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