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Leadshine ELD2-RS
Brushless dc-servodrive Modbus

  • Suitable for Leadshine BLDC servo motors
  • 24-70 Vdc / Inom 5-30A
  • Modbus, pulse direction, analog
ELD2 BLDC servo Modbus
Leadshine BLDC ELDM servomotor ELD2 servodrive

Leadshine brushless dc servo systems

The ELD2 dc servo controllers are combined with the Leadshine ELDM brushless dc servomotors (BLDC) with powers from 100W to 1 kW. The connection voltage is 24V-70 Vdc. Typical applications are mobile vehicles, AGV and internal transport systems.

The ELD2 drives are available in 2 types:

  • ELD2-RS
  • ELD2-CAN

ELD2-RS series with Modbus

The ELD2-RS series is equipped with an RS485 / Modbus communication port. In addition, it is provided with:

  • pulse direction input
  • pulse / encoder output
  • digital I / O
  • analog input

ELD2-CAN with CANopen

The ELD2 can also be supplied with CANopen fieldbus.

  • Quick response, short lines
  • Renowned manufacturers
  • Profound product knowledge
  • High reliability

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