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Bönnekamp: 3 useful tools that will help you further

Date: 3 April 2024

Bonnekamp 3d step files Bonnekamp 3d step files

In my work as manager mechanics trade, I have a lot of contact with customers who frequently purchase rod ends, clevises and ball joints from Bönnekamp. Because of this intensive contact, I know that a strong collaboration is partly about offering the right tools that help our customers in their design and sales activities.

What tools are these? I will give you 3 concrete examples that you can get started with immediately:

1) Free 3D STEP-downloads

The 3D STEP DOWNLOAD website has been developed especially for all engineers and technical designers. This allows you to download a STEP file of the product you need within a few seconds. How fast is this going? The video below shows it!

Downloads are available of all standard products from the delivery program. These files can be used directly in your CAD software to create the machine design.

Good to know: using this tool is free and it is not necessary to create an account.

2) Extensive product information in 6 languages

Because Bönnekamp is widely available in Europe, the website has no fewer than 6 languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Polish. You can also click directly from each product to the 3D STEP downloads.


3) Technical information and documentation

We have various technical documentation available for you. You can download the most complete catalog below. Do you need hard copy documentation? Contact us and we will arrange it for you.



Last but not least: do you have any questions about these tips or would you like me to think along with you? Let me know so I can help you further! Please let me know: my contact details are below.

Placed by: Gerwin Ratz

Gerwin Ratz

+31 297 38 05 50

Gerwin Ratz has been working at ATB Automation as manager mechanics trade since January 2018. This includes Bönnekamp rod ends, clevises and ball joints, Rosta rubber spring elements, Torriani slewing ring bearings and Rotar universal joints.


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