High quality turntables, handling systems and linear assembly systems

WEISS and ATB Automation

WEISS is founded in 1967 in the city Neckarweihingen in Germany. WEISS is specialized in the production of indexing tables, handling systems and linear assembly systems. ATB Automation is a partner of WEISS since 1989 and responsible for customers in Belgium and Luxembourg.

WEISS of today

In 1967 Mr. Dieter Weiss establishes the company WEISS KG in Neckarweihingen near Ludwigsburg in Germany. From the very beginnning, he was determined to follow his own path: not following the masses with similar products, but moving forward with new innovations. Until today, the hallmark of every WEISS product is: Indexing tables that do not break.

-       Number of employees: > 500

-       17 production-, sales- and service locations 

-       4 factories

Weiss company
Weiss worldwide

WEISS worldwide

WEISS is represented worldwide and has 17 production-, sales- and service locations: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Great-Britain, Poland, Romania, USA, Brazil, India, China, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and South Korea. Thanks to their network of subsidiaries and offices and their own service and support teams, they are quickly on site.

WEISS has customers in more than 40 countries and is present in all major markets with its subsidiaries in 13 countries and presence in 50 countries.  


Production and quality

Quality always comes first at WEISS. The rotating tables and automation components have earned a legendary reputation for reliability, robustness and precision. Their extensive manufacturing expertise plays a key role in this.

The production area covers 22.000 m² and they work there in interdisciplinary teams. They develop precise solutions for their customers – with the right technical and economical attributes. The new measuring center at the production location in Buchen also supports this high quality standard. All large components with diameters bigger than 800 mm for mouniting are measured here with great precision.

‘WEISS quality from Cleveland to Shanghai’.

Indexing tables that do not break

The indexing tables of WEISS are ususally located in the heart of a machine, the last place where a defect is desired. 


-       Extremely reliable

-       High repeatability

-       Available with fixed division as well as freely programmable

-       Maintenance free

-       Needle-bearing cam rollers

-       Optional with absolute encoder

-       Optional with mounting flange for other motor

Indexing table
Assembly system

Handling systems

The handling systems, proven standard components combined to create individual automation solutions. WEISS offers various solutions, such as:

HP Pick & Place

Direct drive

-          Compact

-          Dynamic

-          High precision

Linear servo motors

-          In different versions

-          Maintenance free

-          High dynamic

-          Compact


ST/SW rotation units

-          Direct drive

-          For fast and precise movements

Weiss HL
Weiss SH

SH Lifting-rotary servo actuator

-          Twee onafhankelijke assen

  •   1 roterende beweging
  •   1 lineaire beweging

-          Onafhankelijk programmeerbaar.


Pick-O-Mat (POM)

-          Complete electromechanical assembly system

Linear assembly systems (LS)

Besides the indexing tables WEISS also supplies linear assembly systems. The linear assembly system is a transport and assembly system across the board.

-          Compact

-          Modular system

-          Fast cycle times

Lineair assembly system

Virtual trade show

WEISS believes it is important to develop and improve performance in order to continue to provide its customers with the best possible service. WEISS has a virtual trade show for this purpose, where customers can find the latest trends, developments and product information.  

Click here to visit the virtual trade show.


Linear servo motors

Direct drive torque motors

Linear units with carriage

Indexing tables

Handling systems

Assembly systems




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Visiting and postal addresses

Location Netherlands
Vermogenweg 109

Contact information:
Tel +31 297 28 58 21


Location Belgium
P. Basteleusstraat 2 - Unit 11

Contact information:
Tel. +32 2 588 80 05




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