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Manual operation "Goejanverwelle" lock

Date: 25 October 2013

ADE elektromechanical actuators for lockgates of monumental "Goejanverwellesluis" Old situation: the lock was manually operated Nieuwe vijzelsystemen met elektrische aandrijving voor de sluisdeurbedienin Electric screw drive of Goejanverwellesluis neatly hidden in the ground The Goejanverwellesluis was formerly hand operated

Floodgates mechanised with ADE electromechanical actuators

The monumental sluice "Goejanverwellesluis" provides the water connection between the "Hollandsche IJssel" and the "Oude Rijn" at Hekendorp. Recently during the renovation of the sluice, the floodgates are mechanised. Thanks to the ADE electromechanical actuators, these are now electrically operable. The lock is no longer manuel operated.

After an optimal preparation between client and ATB Automation, the ADE electromechanical actuators were installed. With our extensive experience, each door was completely tuned in about one hour. An achievement we are proud of .... and of course relieves our customer of concerns and work!

The renovated Goejanverwellesluis has already conducted 550 locks in July and August this year!

Benefits of the ADE electric cylinders in locks:

  • Environmentally friendly drive without oil.
  • Low-maintenance.
  • Easy management and commissioning.

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