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ADE electromechanical actuator in Victory Bridge Alkmaar

Date: 6 April 2015

An ecological bridge drive realized with largest electric actuator in the Benelux

Last March, the Slow Traffic Bridge Helderseweg - Noorderkade in Alkmaar has been completed. The moveable "Victoriebrug" above the "North Holland Canal", functions as a connection for slow traffic between the station area and "Overstad" in Alkmaar. Cyclists and pedestrians are now making full use of the "Victoriebrug". Mijnsbergen has supplied one of the largest electric actuators for waterworks delivered to date in the Benelux.

Modest appearance

BSB Staalbouw in Suameer has chosen the ADE electromechanical actuator as bridge drive. The visual continuous deck from bank to bank is characteristic for the "Victoriebrug", where the moving work is virtually invisible included in the deck structure. A distinct and modest appearance, in which it seems to float above the water. The middle part of the bridge is movable for shipping. Compliments for architects and "BSB staalbouw" for the fantastic result!

Hold Forces up to 2223 kN

The modest appearance does not reflect the technique, which lies behind the design. With holding forces of 2,223 kN (222 300 kg!) And a stroke of 2100 mm, the bridge can tolerate serious forces. Something not only the ADE electromechanical actuator must withstand, but this also applies to the other components.

50 years service life

The ADE electromechanical actuator is positioned directly over the water. This incurs some additional requirements. The piston rod has been equipped with a ceramic coating and IP68 seals with dirt and ijsafschrapers. The integral gearmotor includes a special water-resistant and acid-proof winding. In short, suitable for the desired service life of 50 years and with optimal protection against the Dutch climate.

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