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Trio Motion Technology MC403
Motion controller

  • 2 servo or 3 stepper axes
  • analogue / puls-direction
  • 64bit-532MHz ARM 11 processor

The MC403 is a high specification Motion Coordinator using a high performance ARM11 processor, with three flexible axis ports and two Voltage outputs.

The flexible axis ports can be configured in software as feedback devices or pulse direction outputs. As outputs they can be used as pulse and direction with stepper or servo drives or they can operate as a simulated encoder output. When configured as feedback they can be either incremental encoder input or one of three popular absolute encoder types; SSI, Tamagawa or Endat. Any feedback axis with a Voltage output can be used to form a closed loop servo.

The MC403 is available in 2 model formats offering 5 different axis configurations. The entry level MC403-Z does not have a built-in DAC, whereas the MC403 DAC can be used as a general purpose analogue output or for servo control where available. All models feature a total of 16 axes in software. Any axes not assigned to built-in hardware can be used as a virtual axis. Every axis can be programmed to move using linear, circular, helical or spherical interpolation, electronic cams, linked axes and gearboxes.


The built-in Ethernet port, Serial port and CAN port makes the Trio MC403 motion controller an extremely flexible motion controller for communication with other systems. In addition to programming the motion controller and the connection of the HMI, various protocols are available for communication with PC and PLC.




User programs can be written in Trio-based multi-tasking Trio MOTION-iX language using the powerful Motion Perfect application software to easily create complex movements. In addition, the standard IEC 61131-3 programming language is available, enabling fully functional PLC programming.

The binary and analog IO integrated in the motion controller can be expanded with the Trio CAN IO modules:

  • Quick response, short lines
  • Renowned manufacturers
  • Profound product knowledge
  • High reliability

We supply slewing ring bearings, oscillating mountings, tensioner devices from stock and we also have spiral bevel gearboxes, servo gears and electromechanical actuators in our delivery program.

In addition we also select and offer the right components and systems for motion control solutions, such as servo gear motors, linear servo actuators and complete XYZ cartesian systems.

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