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IAI ERC3 linear actuators with built-in controller

Date: 1 February 2016

IAI ERC3-R RobyCylinder with embedde drive IAI ERC3-Serie linear actuators with built-in controller IAI ERC3-S linear actuator with slider and built-in controller

The new ERC3 actuators of IAI Industrial Robots are composed of a 24V stepper motor with an integrated controller. This makes the ERC3 linear actuator an economical solution with space savings in the control cabinet. The linear actuator is equiped with a ball screw spindle, and can be delivered with a slider or rod.

ERC3-S with slider:

- Stroke length from 50 to 800 mm
- Max horizontal load: 55 kg
- Max vertical load: 22 kg
- Max speed: 600 mm/s

Typical applications are inkjet printer, component palletizing and assembling systems. This type is also available in cleanroom (ISO Class 4)

ERC3-R with rod:

- Stroke from 50 to 300 mm
- Max horizontal load: 70 kg
- Max vertical load: 25 kg
- Max speed: 800 mm/s

Typical applications are product life testing systems and work part alignement systems with push functions.


Built-in controller

The controller is integrated within the stepper motor in the actuator. The connection is 24V and 4,2A maximum. The controller can capture 16 positions which can be controlled from a PLC with digital I/O. It is also possible to control the the actuator with a pulse and direction signal from the PLC.
Programming is very easy with the setup software or with a teach-in panel.

  • Quick response, short lines
  • Renowned manufacturers
  • Profound product knowledge
  • High reliability

We supply slewing ring bearings, oscillating mountings, tensioner devices from stock and we also have spiral bevel gearboxes, servo gears and electromechanical actuators in our delivery program.

In addition we also select and offer the right components and systems for motion control solutions, such as servo gear motors, linear servo actuators and complete XYZ cartesian systems.

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