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The power of Exlar actuators at HTMS

Date: 7 April 2015

Exlar produces widely applicable electric linear actuators. Tthanks to the "power" of the Exlar roller screw servo actuator, this is an excellent replacement for pneumatic cylinders in many push and pull applications. For 3 years already, HTMS Mechelen benefits of the advantages of electric actuators versus pneumatic. The Exlar electric actuator has performed the optimal linear motion in their cutting machine these past three years.

Low noise electric cylinders

With a warm welkcom Ruud Ilegems, technical service of HTMS, showed us their spacious production room and expalins: "The cutting machine is used to cut metal strips for our final product. Previously this was done manually. With the Exlar electric actuator we have automated this process. Of course we also first thought of a pneumatic cylinder. Nevertheless, that has a number of drawbacks for us, which we do not encounter with this electric cylinder. We have a lot of machines in the production area. With these Exlar electric actuators, we limit the noise level in the production environment, because they produce much less noise than pneumatic cylinders."

Flexible and simple set up

Ruud Ilegems indicates that in addition also the flexibility of the Exlar electric actuator was an important decision criterion for them. "The Exlar servo actuator is much faster, easier and more flexible set up than pneumatic cylinders. Commissioning them was very simple. If any questions arose, the ATB employees were always immediately available to us."

Pushing with Exlar

In the cold forming machine, HTMS also placed an Exlar servo actuator. Both machines are linear pushing and positioning applications, where the qualities of Exlar servoactuators are put to their best use. That is; they deliver a high force and can be set up easily and precisely.

Sealing specialist HTMS

The sealing specialist HTMS in Mechelen produces high-tech metal seals for, among others, aerospace and petrochemicals. More information can be found on

Why Exlar servo actuator in the cutting machine?

  • The Exlar electric actuator is easily and quickly set up.
  • Low noise of the servo actuator, reducing noise in the production area.
  • Flexibility of positioning, speed, and forces of the servo cylinder.
  • Fast, good and personal service of ATB Automation.

Products used in the cutting machine:

» Exlar Tritex II servo actuator:
230V brushless servo motor with integrated roller screw, amplifier and positioning control.

Do you also have a push or pull application? Inquire about the possibilities and advantages of Exlar servo actuators »

  • Quick response, short lines
  • Renowned manufacturers
  • Profound product knowledge
  • High reliability

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