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New: Most dynamic rotary direct drive motors

Date: 17 June 2012

Direct drive torque motor Akribis ATR152 Akribis ATR152 Patented design rotary direct drive motors

The ATR152 is the latest revolutionairy rotary direct drive motor from Akribis Systems. The unique design enables the motor to have very high torque with a low inertial mass.

In a conventional rotary direct drive motor design, a roto back iron is necessary for the magnetic circuit to be closed. This rotor back iron adds to the rotating inertia of the motor. In fact, in many fast indexing applications, much of the motor torque is used to overcome the inertia of the motor itself, leaving little torque for the load.

No magnet back iron

In the Akribis ATR152 design direct drive motors no back iron is needed in the rotor. This reduces the rotor inertia significantly. Moreover, the design results in a higher torque output. The magnets are mounted on the rotor structure, which is made of low density material with high stiffness. This rotor rotates between a stator with inner coils and a stator with outer coils. This way a magnetic circuit is created between the two stators.
The combined features of higher torque and lower rotor inertia make the Akribis ATR152 the most dynamica direct drive motors.

Technical details
The ATR152 outer diameter is 152 mm with a hight of 136 mm. Hollow center throug inner diameter is 20 mm. The rotor has an inertia of only 17.53 kgcm2, with a continuous torque up to 20.6 Nm and tripple peak torque. The maximum speed with a 230 Vacdrive is 800 rpm.

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